Calamine Purifying Ampoule

Calamine Purifying Ampoule

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A daily purifying ampoule with Adenosine and Calamine. This product enhances clear and even skin.

  • This ampoule effectively improves acne and smoothens skin texture.
  • The ingredient Calamine offers anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated          and sensitive skin effectively.
  • Tightens up pores and removes black and white heads with Zinc Oxide.
  • Reduces inflammatory reaction and redness with Aquatide and Sebodulin.
  • It is a vegan and EWG green-graded product suitable for sensitive skin to use.
  • The moisturizing texture that absorbs right into your skin with a refreshing finish.

  • How To Use:
  • Soak the ampoule on a cotton pad or a Q-tip and then leave it on your skin for 1-2 minutes for a more intense soothing effect.
  • For daily use, mix it with toner or cream for better moisturizing effect.

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