Exfoliating Sponge Dead Skin Remover

K Banana

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Deep cleaning: the exfoliating sponge shower brushes are soft and practical, can gently massage your body skin and remove the dry and dead skin or dirty in a non-irritating way, keep your skin smooth and healthy and avoid spots, clogged pores and other skin problems
  • Nice performance: the colorful body bath sponges are featuring with nice water absorption, can help to create richer and more dense foam when you use the shower gel and reduce the shower gel amount you need, they can gently clean and effectively exfoliate your skin
  • Easy to use: when you want to exfoliate your skin, soak the dead skin remover sponges in water for a period of time, then use them to scrub your body with water instead of soap or shower gel, you can also properly increase the intensity of rubbing the skin but not too hard to avoid bringing pain
  • Reliable material: the exfoliating shower brushes are made of sponge, suitable for both adults and children, women and men, soft and flexible material can bring people comfortable using experience, not easy to fracture, ensuring long-term use
  • The bath sponge is suitable for adults and children. Father, mother, child, etc. should be used alone and healthier.
  • Bath sponge perfect for clean and exfoliating your skin.
  • Product Size: 13*7*3cm.

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